My very dear friends,


"Looking forward to the challenges ahead"

THANK YOU SO MUCH for the confidence and support you have shown by electing me as your President for the year 2017. It is with pleasure that I accept this honor and I shall do my best to continue the successful history of the club in the coming year.

I HAVE A LONG STORY with our club. I joined the Brussels WIC in 1991 and I was very faithful member for 14 years, until 2005 when I moved back to Greece. I served twice on the board and I enjoyed every minute of it. I was among women from different nationalities, different culture and mentality, but women with the same interests, worries and hopes. And at that point I felt “at home”. Coming back to Athens, I joined the WIC of Greece whilst I was trying to regain my footing in my own country and again, I was so fortunate to find the same people who, without even knowing it, assisted me in really adjust to my new life. I served twice on the board, both times with lots of enthusiasm and Joy.

NOW THAT I AM WRITING this first message to you, I am thinking of the many boards that have worked for our club the last 40 years and I believe each one contributed with its own personality, diversity and inspiration in promoting the aim of our club. Friendship and culture. My board and I as a team will make every effort to continue this.

I WANT TO TAKE THIS OPPORTUNITY to thank Cristina and her board for a wonderful year. Our 40th anniversary was full of memorable events including the creation of so many interesting circles illustrating the dynamism of our club.

I WOULD ALSO LIKE TO THANK Karine Liebaut the lovely wife of the Belgian Ambassador for kindly accepting to become our Honorary President.

A BIG THANK YOU, also to the members of the new board who so enthusiastically agreed to serve with me. By working together we can achieve the goals we have set. We are looking forward to the challenges ahead.

MY DEAR FRIENDS, I sincerely wish you and your family a 2017 filled with health, happiness and peace.




Welcome to the website of the 'Women's International Club Athens', abbreviated 'WIC' and founded in 1976 to foster mutual understanding and friendship among women from all over the world who live in Athens, Greece. WIC members are made up of 60 different nationalities who as such promote a constant cultural and interesting exchange through our social and educational meetings.

General Meetings

The Club holds monthly meetings where invited speakers present their expertise and knowledge in fields such as psychology, medicine, art and history etc. with a lively discussion after the presentation. The lunch that follows gives an opportunity to catch up with old friends and make new ones.

Contact Details

For any inquiries please contact

The Executive Board 2017

  • Karine Liebaut-Vercraeye, Honorary President
  • Rania Kouloukakos-Kapnoula, President
  • Sana Cherfan, Vice President
  • Heike Mayer, Treasurer
  • Martha Murray, Recording Secretary
  • Rena Papadopoulou, Programme Officer
  • Linda Kontovounissiou, Activities Officer
  • Marlene Makhoul Seymour, Activities Officer
  • Sinem Douas, Hospitality Officer
  • Sarajane Leone Kidd, Corresponding Officer
  • Christiane Ghaba Lygeros, Membership Officer
  • Stefania Gregoropoulou Vafia, Publication Officer


Our Circles are a great way to deepen friendships among our members and serve various interests like the 'Book and Film Discussion Circle', the 'Wine Tasting Circle', 'Cosmic Research'. 'French Poetry', 'Cooking Circles', the 'Play Reading Circle' and even a 'WIC Choir'. The 'Conversation Circles' include these languages: Spanish, French, Russian, Italian, Greek and English.

  • Spanish Conversation, Jeaneth Zelou - Figueroa, Begonia Kalliga
  • French Conversation, Angela Struecker
  • Italian Conversation, Aza Holis - Voskeritchian
  • Greek Conversation, Anthea Gavoyannis, Olga Roupas
  • English Conversation, Bridget Coscoros
  • French Poetry, Dora Lestenko
  • Linda Kontovounissiou, Activities Officer
  • Film & Book Discussion, Poppy Stratis
  • Walking in Nature, Antonia Petrogianis
  • Book Club, Juta Zois
  • Drama/Play Reading, Penny Smith
  • Biriba & The Readers, Erika Akrivou
  • Wine -Tasting, Claudia Lolas
  • Ethnic Cooking, Cristina Butler
  • Cooking for Pleasure, Helen Mina-Souris
  • WIC Choraleers, Jean Gerakis, Marcia Spartinos
  • The Debate, Sarajane Kidd-Leone, Suha Dorkhom
  • Greek Dancing, Marlene Seymour
  • The Collectors, Loukia Nicola Tsigos
  • Cosmic Research, Charlotte Scarpidis
  • Crochet, Sana Cherfan
  • Greek Civilization, Lila de Chaves